VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM is a generative art edition of 111 unique pieces, including 5 legendaries.
Each nft art piece comes with a matching high quality fine art print on heavy art paper, hand signed, numbered and logo embossed.

The edition is a continuation of THE MANY FACED GODDESS, and is my second generative release with Async.Art.

VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM represents the circle of life, the flower of life.
Bloom, beauty and decay. Growth and rebirth, nature versus cyber.
Into the rabbit hole, love and hate, frustration versus inspiration …
All is energy.

This art project is also an ode to the core of nft & crypto art and the crypto space.
Pixel and Generative art, the 2017 PFP's and the 1/1 OG artists, captured in my young digital art project, generated as final JPEG's and coded onto the Ethereum Blockchain.

I’m excited to show you what I’ve been cooking and looking forward to unveil the pieces.
Excited and curious for the minting proces and bloom the hidden stories together!
Creator and collector; Creating together.


The Vector Equilibrium
Mother of all the Shapes and Symmetries

Vector Equilibrium comes into Flower
The Blueprint by which Nature forms Energy into Matter

The Energy of Attraction and Repulsion
Expands toward and contracts away from Absolute Equilibrium.

Cyborg Goddess and Natural Being
Geometry of Absolute Balance

A Material Form is born from the fullness of Energy; The Vacuum
And dies back into it

The Flower of Life



"The Vector Equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or nonhappenings:
it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience." - Buckminster Fuller

Is that a Chromie peaking? 👁️
A Mooncat flying? .. 🐱
A Baby Punk rocking the space? 🍼
A Grifter grifts its Nouns glasses? 👓
And mining... uhm... minting crypto? 👁️👁️



Mint date

Pre-sale: 22-23 November 2022
Public sale: 24 November 2022

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